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How Does Total Debt Freedom Compare To Credit Counselling?

Can You Relate?

  • Do you want to resolve your debts but banks turn you down?

  • Are you considering Bankruptcy or Credit Counselling as a solution?

  • Are you receiving intrusive calls from bill collectors looking for money?

  • Do debts impair your sleep, work or daily function?

What is Debt Settlement?

Debt settlement is a debt relief program where your creditors agree to significantly reduce your total debt in exchange for a lump sum settlement payment. Once Total Debt Freedom negotiates your settlement and secures it in written from, the settlement is paid and your debt is gone forever.

Our debt settlement plan can reduce your total unsecured debt by 40-60% and get you out of debt in 3 years or less. There are no credit checks, new loans or home ownership requirements.

Freedom Stories

  • We were sceptical at first, but Total Debt Freedom soon delivered as promised. Four out of five debts are now gone and we feel like we have been making real progress to our debt freedom date and given some real solid advice.

    Al & Julie
    London, ON
  • After being absent for years, a smile has finally returned to our faces. Thank-you, you are so wonderful. We are so pleased that we are debt free and can resume our life again.

    Jennifer & Sean
    Ottawa, ON
  • Thanks for your hard work, it only took me 4 weeks to be debt free and the results were incredible. The creditors stopped calling almost immediately and I saved over $54,000. I sleep much better at night now.

    Toronto, On