Let Us Settle Your Debt

Since 2004 Canadians have trusted us to advocate and eliminate over $1 Million in credit card debt. 2015 brings a new era in our debt negotiation services as we have partnered with lawyers to provide better representation. Credit card companies have armies of lawyers, collection agencies, credit counsellors and even proposal administrators like bankruptcy trustee all looking after their best interest.

Only a lawyer can advocate for you.  If you want the best possible result, and people working for you, then this option is right for you. 

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We negotiate a better deal with the people you owe money to.

  • We get your creditors to accept less than what you owe, in exchange for a lump sum payout.

  • You get out of debt, and avoid bankruptcy.

  • Creditors get most of their money back.

  • We were sceptical at first, but Total Debt Freedom soon delivered as promised. Four out of five debts are now gone and we feel like we have been making real progress to our debt freedom date and given some real solid advice.

    Al & Julie
    London, ON
  • After being absent for years, a smile has finally returned to our faces. Thank-you, you are so wonderful. We are so pleased that we are debt free and can resume our life again.

    Jennifer & Sean
    Ottawa, ON
  • Thanks for your hard work, it only took me 4 weeks to be debt free and the results were incredible. The creditors stopped calling almost immediately and I saved over $54,000. I sleep much better at night now.

    Toronto, On
  • It feels great knowing that I can finally go to the mailbox and actually enjoy picking up the mail not having to worry about threatening letters. I can even start answering my phone again knowing it won’t be someone on the other end asking me for money. I will always recommend TDF to anyone who is going through financial struggles.

The Star