Do it Yourself - Debt Settlement

Our Founder & CEO, Richard Cooper took all his know-how learned as a collection industry insider, and over 12 years of debt negotiation experience, and wrote this DIY book.

Inside this book you will learn:

  • How deadly the credit card trap really is and how people get sucked in

  • What your debt relief options REALLY are

  • Debt settlement TRUTH, why creditors hate it, and how to work the system

  • Proven step-by-step debt settlement techniques used by my company

  • Where to source money to settle your debt

  • How to rebuild your credit rating FAST by using 2 simple tricks

  • And much, much MUCH more

If you are serious about getting totally debt free, then this is your guide -->

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About The Author

Total Debt Freedom Founder and CEO Richard Cooper has over 21 years of debt management experience, is a former collection industry insider and has contributed to several articles relating to consumer debt in Canada. Richard has also been featured by the following media outlets:

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Richard is also a active member of Entrepreneurs Organization, an accomplished and sought after speaker on the subject of personal finances, consumer debt, credit and collections and a passionate entrepreneur.

To reach Richard directly please email:

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