About Total Debt Freedom's Debt Consolidation Program

Why Choose Us

Here are 10 reasons you should choose us for debt help.

  • Our focus is all about creating raving fans of our clients, employees and vendors.
  • We offer affordable monthly plans that fit your budget.
  • 100% Canadian owned & operated since 2004.
  • On average, our 3 year program can increase your cash flow by 21%.
  • 75% of our staff are former collection industry insiders; so we really know our stuff.
  • We are transparent, so we are never compromised; we always tell it like it is.
  • We a BBB Accredited business and have an “A+” rating
  • We are an Accredited Member of the Canadian Association of Debt Assitance
  • We have negotiated more debt than any other company in Canada
  • If our program isn’t the right fit, we will refer you to the right one for free

We are a next-generation debt relief company, with the goal of being recognized in Canada as a top provider of consumer credit card debt relief.

When you are drowning in debt and you need help, you need it now, and without the smoke and mirrors that are typically connected with debt help companies.

You also want to know exactly how it works, how long it will take and what your total cost will be.  All in simple to understand terms.  That’s what we do.

Thousands have trusted us to help them avoid bankruptcy and get a fresh start with their personal finances for a reason. Our experience and proven track record gets results. Give us a call toll free at (866) 833-1992 or fill out our On-Line Form to see how you can get relief from your credit card debt today.


About Total Debt Freedom

We realize the importance money plays in people lives and how being debt free creates options and a more comfortable lifestyle.

We also recognize the stress and anxiety credit card debt can create and how difficult it can be to deal with. Our goal is to get our clients out of financial hardship and back onto solid financial ground through our debt relief plan.

We apply the highest standard of ethics and integrity to our business. As such, we fully understand and respect the needs of our clients and aim to provide solutions for those needs with passion and commitment.


Our Company

Total Debt Freedom was founded in 2004 and is fully licensed and bonded.   Account executives negotiating settlements for cash strapped homeowners are required to complete the mortgage community’s financial services underwriting course (FSU101) for greater proficiency when the settlement money is coming from the proceeds of mortgage refinancing.

The Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals has sought after and authorized a training course developed by Total Debt Freedom for mortgage professionals to help them resolve mortgage application turndowns with our debt settlement services.

What does all that mean?  We take “know-how” seriously. Watch this video below to learn more about the origin of Total Debt Freedom.


Our Founder & CEO Richard Cooper

Our Founder and CEO Richard Cooper has over 21 years of debt management experience, is a former collection industry insider and has contributed to several articles relating to consumer debt in Canada. Richard has also been featured by the following media outlets:

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Richard is also a active member of Entrepreneurs Organization, an accomplished and sought after speaker on the subject of personal finances, consumer debt, credit and collections and a passionate entrepreneur.

To reach Richard directly please email: ceo@totaldebtfreedom.ca

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