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What Does Total Debt Freedom Do?

What we do is negotiate a better deal with the people you owe money to.  We get your creditors to accept less than what you owe, in exchange for a lump sum payout.  You get out of debt, and avoid bankruptcy.  Creditors get most of their money back.

It’s a win-win.

This is the process of debt negotiation, and we are very good at it, in fact our CEO, Richard Cooper, wrote a bestselling personal finance book on it.

Do creditors want less than what you owe?  Not really, they want it all: interest, penalties, fees, the shirt off your back… everything!

Here’s the thing; unlike all other debt help options, Total Debt Freedom works exclusively for you, and only you.  Bankruptcy trustees and credit counsellors have a conflict of interest and actually work for your creditors.

We “get” that bad things happen to good people and we are here to stand up for you, not the credit card companies.  In the hands of our skilled negotiators we can get your creditors to yield and accept less than you owe today.

Many Canadians are trapped on a merry-go-round of debt, going around and around in circles, getting absolutely nowhere.

Sound familiar?  Well you do have options, and one of them is… GET OFF the merry-go-round!

Our exclusive plan can get you free of debt, and on a new budget you can afford.  There are no credit checks, no requirements for a new loan or home ownership to begin.   Our plan isn’t available to everyone, in fact it’s so exclusive we only approve a small percentage of people that inquire, but if you are the right fit we promise you will be very happy with our results.

To qualify you must owe at least $10,000 in credit card debt and experiencing difficulty in paying your bills on time.  Call us now for a free assessment to consolidate your debt and see how much you could save.

Our Results Are Proven

Total Debt Freedom has a simple service guarantee:  We promise that upon graduation you will be debt free for less than what you owed on the day you started our program, and that includes our fee. If we don’t, then we’ll refund 100% of your fee.

Need proof? Perfect.

Check out some of these video testimonials below from some of our clients. These are real people telling their real stories. The experiences they talk about are real. The savings are typical.

What About Non-Profit Credit Counselling?

Often advertised as a “free” service; the truth is nobody works for free.  Non-Profit Credit Counsellors are paid for the most part by your creditors.  Yes, the very people you owe.

Because they work for the credit card companies, they can’t reduce the amount of debt you owe, but may lower your interest rate.

The total cost to get out of debt can be double the total cost of our debt negotiation approach; plus it puts a bruse on your credit report, and it takes 5 years in total.  They call this program a “debt management plan”.

Heres the problem:  Credit counsellors receive up to 70% of their income from credit card companies.  In some cases you are asked to make donation payments on top of that.  Credit counsellors also have a board of directors that often include bank employees.  So it raises the question, who are they working for?  You or your creditors?

For more facts, read this comprehensive blog titled:  What is Credit Counselling?

By working with us, you are working with a team that is paid only by you, to get you the best results possible.  Unlike Non-Profit Credit Counselling, We will never accept money from your creditors. 

What About Bankruptcy – Can It Be Avoided?

Bankruptcy can be a good option to dealing with debt if you have money problems and no assets, but it’s very bad for your credit and shows complete failure in ability to manage money.

Bankruptcy should be avoided, and really only used for very deep and serious debt problems.

A trustee in bankruptcy can help you with filing for bankruptcy, or a consumer proposal. Only a trustee can offer both but a proposal can run for 5 years, and because of the length of time, it can do considerable damage to your credit.

Many trustees recognize that they make more money off a consumer proposal, so they tend to sell more of those programs as a “bankruptcy alternative”. The truth is, a consumer proposal is viewed upon as the same thing as a bankruptcy by creditors.

For more information on what a trustee offers, read this comprehensive blog titled: What is a consumer proposal?

A bankruptcy trustee, is an officer of the court and represent the creditors, not you.  The trustee job is to sell your assets, assess your income and send that money to your creditors monthly.

If you are having problems paying off your credit card debts, then contact us about a free evaluation and learn if you can qualify to get debt help and avoid bankruptcy.

Consolidating Debt With A Loan

A debt consolidation loan can sometimes be a solution to credit card debt, but it is very different from our debt settlement plan.

When you have money problems, getting a debt consolidation loan to pay off your credit card debts often requires a co-signer and/or putting up your house as collateral. With a consolidation loan you can end up paying higher interest rates and in some cases these can sometimes approach 40%.  Check out Dale’s story here

Debt consolidation loans hardly ever create any form of debt relief at all, in most cases they aren’t affordable, practical and can put you much deeper in debt. Trying to borrow your way out of money problems is an old idea that just doesn’t work.

If you have talked to your bank about a loan to get debt help and been turned down, then call us today about a free debt settlement quote. Our approach to debt help might be right for your credit card debt problems.

Getting Debt Help is Easier Then You Think

If you are serious about getting out of debt and want the best people by your side, then we invite you to take a few minutes to talk with our friendly and experienced debt consultants today.

It’s free, completely confidential, there are no obligations and we won’t judge you.

During your phone consultation we will explain how our debt settlement plan works, answer all of your questions and help you understand the other debt relief options out there. You have absolutely nothing to lose but your debt.

To get started please call toll free at (866) 833-1992 or fill out our fast and easy online form to request your telephone consultation.